How to get organic traffic to your blog through SEO

There is Big question in every-bodies mind that is how to get organic traffic on my website or my blog. Here is lot of thing to do and get more traffic on websites like meta tag description, keywords (but now new algorithm of google has changed that no matter of keywords role in the Search engine optimization [ SEO ]). In the wordpress many plugins who do this for the onPage seo plugins which helps in to get number one on google page. You can do two types of SEO as onPage and offPage who helps to get great and more traffic in webiste, there is lot of examples.

Step-by-Step SEO


OnPage Search Engine Optimization


You need to do further thing:

  1. Title contains the Focus Keyword which is used to get traffic through that word.
  2. Meta description also contains the focus keyword.
  3. Tag all the words which wants to get traffic on that words.
  4. Images contains the alt text which contains the focus keyword.
  5. heading 1 and heading 2 tag used with the same keyword.
  6. Url also contains that words which wants to get traffic on it.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Fast Method to get organic traffic on website:

  1. Link Building on high page ranking website must remember one thing first check the nofollow and dofollow always put your website link in dofollow link because it effects more to get high page rank of your website in google search engine. NoFollow link gives negative result to google search engine which decreases the page rank.
  2. Link building in Social Media, you can get more and more traffic from social media like facebook, reddit,dmoz , tumblr, twitter.

10 Best techniques of SEO:

You must remember always –

  1. Title Tag
  2.  Body (h1,….,h6)
  3. URL Structure.
  4. Keyword Planning.
  5. wordpress plugin Yoast SEO.
  6. Search Console queries.
  7. Google analytics keywords phrases.
  8. google ping.
  9. link building
  10. social media link building.

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