Easter Parties

Now that Good Friday is over, one more day to go for celebrating Easter. We all know Good Friday is considered the day on which Lord Jesus has sentenced death and after three days he has risen from dead. The third day is celebrated as Easter, as people are happy, joyful, excited as their son of God is alive and has come back to life.

Everyone from children to teenagers to adults to grandparents, all are awaiting for Easter day. The preparations were started a month before. Children are so excited, as they are gifted with lots of presents. It is an egg-citing event that pleases children. Bunny and eggs are symbols of Easter and are commonly known as Easter Bunnies and Easter eggs.

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Easter is one of those days when there is a get-together and play games and organizes Easter Greetings parties. Some of them are: making Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, decorations etc.


Easter Baskets

If you’re planning a get together with friends and family, you should really go for an Easter egg hunt this year and if so, then you might want to start planning by assembling eggs and getting Easter baskets into place. The perfect Easter basket comes full of vivid colors, playful sweets and fun gifts for kids to share. You can always give them as presents to children who are fond of Easter baskets and Easter bunnies.

Easter Parties

Easter Egg decoration

One of the most traditional ways of celebrating Easter is to color paint or dye the eggs for decoration purposes. All are constantly on the hunt for new Easter egg decorating ideas and are finding new creative ways to decorate them. The eggs should dry properly. You really need to stand the eggs up when they have the paint on to let them dry.


Easter Hunt

We all invite people or arrange a family get-together when we celebrate Easter. So there are two classic traditions—a fresh, colorful brunch and a spirited Easter egg hunt—for a holiday your cousins or guests won’t forget. All you have to do is hide the Easter eggs.

Set up the brunch buffet before guests arrive. After brunch, let children hunt high and low for eggs while adults spend time catching up and watching the fun.


At the end, when it’s time to part, have a prayer and thank god for making you able to see this day and also help you see all the coming Easters hereafter.

Your family friends and cousins will definitely enjoy these fun entertaining ideas for this Easter.





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