Easter Day Celebration

Hola! As we all know the upcoming celebration is Easter day celebration. We all are waiting for April 16th, 2017. Christians find the week the holiest week of the year. This is the day when their lord came back from death, the resurrection. Easter is a not really a festival but people enjoy and remember Easter for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is believed that and still, people believe that Easter comes always comes on a Sunday and the memory of Resurrection of Lord Jesus that took place with three beliefs.

Easter Day Celebration

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(i)Maundy Thursday – which represents the last supper by Jesus Christ along with his 12 disciples

(ii) Good Friday – as the word represents Jesus Christ died for the sake of our sins

(iii)Holy Sunday {Easter} – Represents the Resurrection. i.e., Jesus Christ proved that he is the son of God with his Resurrection.

Easter festival this year would be celebrated especially by the folks of the Christian religion on 16th of April, on Sunday.


The rebirth of the Jesus Christ founder which first celebrated as the Easter festival became the first of Christian beliefs. The rebirth process made the Jesus Christ a most powerful Son of the God who had defeated the death and risen from his grave. Easter is treated not simply as a commemoration of events that occurred at one time in the past – instead, it is regarded as a living symbol of the very nature of Christianity.

During Easter, Christians believe that they passed death and got a new life due to their lord (spiritually) due to Jesus Christ, just as Jesus passed through death and three days later rose from the dead.

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Although Easter is merely one day in the liturgical calendar, the truth is that the arrangements start to take place 40 days before Easter, and it plays a central role in the holy week. Therefore, Easter can rightly be regarded as the most important festival on the  Christian calendar.


Easter Day Celebration

The World Celebrates Easter

Jesus was crucified due to our sins. So people all around the world celebrate Easter by praying and placing Jesus in their heart. People will avoid happiness, lovely foods and entertainment and whatever they love. It will stay aside for a duration of about 50 days. These 50 days they will sacrifice themselves in form of prayers and by crying for Jesus. It will end on the day of Easter. People do fasting on all Fridays in between this 50 days in the memory of commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death.

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