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We all know that the most recent upcoming holiday is for Easter day 2017 i.e. on 16th April. Easter day 2017 Images and greetings. Easter day is Christianity’s most important holiday. Easter is the highest and holiest of holidays in the Christian faith. Now, how many of you know why it is celebrated so far? Have you ever thought about it? We have heard about Easter, Easter eggs, Easter ideas bunnies etc. Eggs have also been a part in games where parents would hide eggs from children and ask them to find. The most well-known egg roll takes place on the White House lawn every year.  What’s the story behind it?

All About Easter – Easter day 2017

Let’s go back to history from where it was started and why.

Easter Ideas - Easter Story and History
Easter Ideas

History of Easter Story:

Actually, Christians celebrate Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Jesus was crucified and considered dead he was removed from the cross and hastily buried in a tomb, it was on a Friday. Three days after his crucifixion and death i.e., on Sunday, when people went for the body of Jesus, they found the tomb empty and angels informed that Jesus had risen. Throughout the upcoming 40 days, Jesus Christian’s god appears to his apostles and disciples before finally ascending to heaven. So, on this time of every year on a Sunday people celebrate Easter day 2017. Every one wants to know when is Easter Sunday?


Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny

Easter Sunday - Easter 2017 Celebration
Easter 2017 Celebration

Eggs have been viewed as an ancient mark of fertility, while springtime is considered to bring new lease of life and rebirth. Eggs were thus a mainstay of Easter meals and a valued Easter gift for children and servants. The coloring of eggs is an established artwork and eggs tend to be dyed, painted, or else decorated.

Hares and rabbits have also been icons of fertility. The addition of the hare into Easter traditions seems to have started in Germany, where tales were told of an “Easter hare” who laid eggs for children to find. They also made cakes for Easter in the shape of hares and may have pioneered the practice of making chocolate bunnies and eggs.

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Interesting Easter day Facts:

Easter takes place on a Sunday, after the 40-day period called Lent. Lent is referred to as a time of fasting. The last week of this 40 day period is called Holy Week. Holy Week is celebrated during the week leading up to Easter.It starts on Palm Sunday, proceeds to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and afterward at long last, Easter Sunday.

  • Easter is not fixed to a specific day. It usually comes around April 25th. It is supposed to fall on the first Sunday.
  • The first Easter baskets appeared as if bird’s nests.
  • The White House holds an annual Easter egg hunt on the front lawn. This custom started out in 1878 with President Rutherford.
  • An Easter egg was created and was called as The Real Easter Egg. It explained the Christian meaning of Easter. In 2012, 90,000 Real Easter Eggs were sold to churches.
  • Lilies are flowers that were often associated with Easter day. The petals face downward, which is in honor of Jesus. Easter lilies are popular decorations in American churches.These white blossoms are one of the soonest blooms to sprout in the spring and symbolize magnificence, virtue, and sacredness.
  • Wearing new clothing on Easter is said to bring good luck for the coming year.


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